NOLI Music Reports

June – July Report

Investor report
  • We have prepared all the necessary documents for the transfer of intellectual property to the company.

  • We were Speakers at the “X5 Tech conference” with the presentation "Innovative Entrepreneurship"

  • We visited the Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum and had a conversation with the Minister of Education and Science of Russia

  • Updated the main pitch deck and one-pager (added a map of the guitar market and up-to-date information on the market size).

  • We have started designing the user interface and developing the software part of our educational app (this will allow us to present the overall design and concept of the application soon).

  • We successfully negotiated with Ultimate Guitar (the largest community of guitarists in the world) about cooperation after the launch of our device.

  • We have prepared a financial plan for our potential investors

  • We received a letter from the Spanish online TV “HYPE TV” with a proposal to make a review of our guitar for a 6 million audience

  • We conducted in-depth interviews with musicians for a better understanding of the problem we are trying to solve.

  • We calculated BOM, COGS, CAGR, and other production metrics based on the experience of other startups and the recommendations of successful companies we were making calls with

  • We agreed to make a publication on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia (This will give recognition, trust in our startup + publication on the official government website)

  • We held a call with the CEO of Flipper Zero (we received valuable information and realized that the cost of the device can be even less than $100 and at the same time with high quality)

  • +15 new pre-order requests (107 total) without marketing budget

As for the technical part:

  • We have developed one peripheral board instead of the mess of wires that was before. This will allow you to reduce the size of the guitar body, simplify installation and node assembly + serious savings on components
  • Decomposed the device firmware into modules and added the guitar operating system + set up image backups and started CI/CD for firmware of the guitar
  • Coded firmware for power board
  • Designed the connector board
  • A new scheme of the string block on the stm32 microcontroller
  • Circuit of the amplifier and sound card (in the integrated circuit)

We are constantly negotiating with existing companies, investors and manufacturers. We get new knowledge and every day our product and the organization of work becomes better.
We continue to move towards our goal – the launch of a crowdfunding company (We have already found partners who will help us organize it (average fundraising on the crowdfunding company with their help is $1.5 M) and raising a round of investments to finalize the device and develop an educational app.