NOLI Music Reports

20 August - 31 August Report

Investor report
  • 9 more pre-orders

  • There is a russian version of the site now

  • Sent 11 (eleven!) applications on the different accelerating programs, including TechStars Music

  • Received an invitation to the CBS "Let's make a deal" show and had a talk with their producers

  • Made a prototype of our future Guitar Tuner app (This will form the basis of a future application, and in a short time we will be able to release our tuner and attract the attention of musicians to the startup)

  • Revision of the circuit for charging of the battery, development of a board with a power button, MIDI, AUX, external control of the guitar, charger connection.

  • Preparation of technical documentation for production, correcting schematics for proper manufacturing at the factory

  • Selection and purchase of electronic components for an integrated circuit for proper operation of the circuit and components