NOLI Music Reports

16 September - 4 October Report

Investor report
  • Updated the financial model

  • Created company`s brand-book

  • Updated the deck
  • Received an invitation in 2GI Tech Cohort (Startup accelerator by Google)
  • Made it to the final of White Night Startup

  • Visited the exhibition Geek Picnic as participants (more than 1000 people watched our device, more than 100 people played on it, 100% positive feedback)

  • Communication plans for 3 main target audiences are ready (this will give us a clear brand positioning and distancing from competitors)
  • We began to design the connector board (the edge board for the complete assembly)
  • Soldering the string assembly, sound card, power controller (Final assembly of the integrated circuit board and working string assembly)
  • Development of updated string mechanics
  • Development of string transducers
  • Attracted SAFE investment under post-money valuation cap - $2M
  • Preparing for due diligence with the American Foundation.