NOLI Music Reports

22 July - 4 August Report

Investor report
  • A long interview about our startup was released on the website RusBase: 

  • Submitted an application for Skolkovo Venture Foundation
  • The “Pre-crowdfunding to-do list” was actualised and updated
  • Submitted an application for FoundersCard community
  • Calculated different financial models of the crowdfunding company (We made a formula that shows our balance according to different results of the company)

  • Finally got EIN

  • Agreed to shoot for TV SPB on August 20. The shooting will take place at ITMO University

  • Applied to Mercury Bank to open an account.

  • Successfully conducted a technical study of our technology

  • Started the layout of the pre-orders page on the website

  • Revision of the circuit of the connector board and the power logic board

  • Remodeling of a common board for raspberry zero (which will reduce the size)

  • Practiced pitching on a Hackathon (received feedback)

  • Scheduled a meeting with Kevin McManus from UNESCO for a call on August 6

  • Sent an application to Overlookedventures (The application has been accepted, we are waiting for the results)

  • Signed company documents

  • Held a call with partners (TCF) who will launch crowdfunding to clarify the details