Brand new smart guitar synthesizer

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No amplifier needed.
Up to 12 hours of battery life.

Play with one finger.
Alternative sound modes.

No need to tune.

Start playing your favourite songs in 2 hours.

It's not a MIDI-device.

It's full-featured guitar.
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Learn by bright colors

Frets are lighted up to boost your learning process. Simply follow the lights to learn chords without any problems.

Learn by bright colors

Learn by bright colors

Learn by bright colors

Learn by bright colors

Soft strings

Easy connect

Type-c | Midi-output | 3.5 mm

Easy to clamp. No more pain.

Compatible with all the major DAWs and notation software
Garage Band
Ableton Live
Guitar Pro
FL Studio
Logic Pro

Join the greatest musical community.

Get right to become professional

Don't miss your daily practice.

Show your talent. Get feedback.

Learn distantly with preferred tutors.

Search the chords of your favorite songs.

Analyze your progress.

Go in for music everywhere and when you want.

Choose your own path in learning with app

Learn from any part of the world.

Share your progress.

Show your talent.

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